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      Jinxin Fertility – We are in Action to Spread the Warmest Ca

      Jinxin Fertility Group Limited 2019-06-01 Clicks:

      On 4 July 2017, Jinxin Fertility was invited by the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Zamthang County to form a 10-member medical team and carry out the free clinic activity themed "Jinxin Fertility – We are in action to spread the warmest care across Tibetan Area" in Aba Tibetan Area.

      The free clinic was led by the head of our hospital's medical team, Professor Lv Xingyu (呂興鈺). At 6: 00 a.m. on the day of departure, Professor Lv called all the members to check once more all the materials and important equipment in the department, as well as bilingual (Tibetan/Chinese) popular science questions and answers, brochures and other materials specially prepared for Tibetan compatriots. After making sure everything was safe, the team started a 15-hour long drive.

      July was the rainy season and affected by the recent torrential rains in Sichuan, landslides and other scenes could be seen everywhere along the way, making this free clinic even more difficult. The 10 colleagues in the medical team not only needed to overcome the bumpy and tiring journey, but also pay attention to the road conditions at all times and deal with the anoxia problem caused by the rising altitude.

      After arriving, it was about 8: 30 p.m. and with a quick supper, the partners immediately began to arrange the venue and equipment for the free clinic in the morning of the next day, making full material preparations in advance.

      Early in the morning the next day, many Tibetan compatriots, including elderly grandma, shy students and women of childbearing age, came to the free clinic. After hearing the news of free clinic of our hospital, everyone came a long way to the site.

      Due to the lack of medical conditions in the local area, many compatriots had no place to seek medical treatment after their illness and had to drag on. Many compatriots even did not know if they were sick because they couldn't be checked.

      It touched the staff on the scene, deeply feeling that the free clinic activity of the hospital was very important to the local people, and at the same time we were urged to serve every Tibetan compatriot who came to see the doctor attentively and provide them with the most satisfactory diagnosis and treatment results.

      Since most of the Tibetan compatriots who came to see the doctor could not speak Mandarin, the 18-or 19-year-old students of the local Tibetan medicine school in Zamthang County worked as interpreters for us (they were affectionately called "Xiao Bao" in the local community). Xiao Baos' warm and friendly, sincere and kind-hearted faces were also permeated with youthful vitality and breath. Infected, we all felt the world was so wonderful.

      Tibetan women were shy by nature, so they tended to be ashamed to cooperate during the gynecological examination. Xiao Bao kept them company during the whole process. They constantly comforted and encouraged the women in addition to translation, so that the whole free clinic was conducted in an orderly way. The free clinic was mainly for gynecology and andrology, but in order to help more people, our B-ultrasound doctors also shouldered the heavy responsibilities of B-ultrasound such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney.

      Although the workload was greatly increased, no one had any complaints, because it was our happiest moment to help them out.

      A 3-year-old girl came to see the doctor because of pruritus vulvae. A large amount of stone sand in her vulva was found and the doctor cleaned it

      Every day in Tibetan areas, the medical team was busy from dawn till sunset. Their kindness and simplicity infected every one of us and every compatriot who finished diagnosis and treatment would say "thank you" to us. Our daily satisfaction survey was 100%. Occasionally, patients who could write would write down "thank you very much," "thank you" and "thanks for Jinxin Fertility".

      Therefore, our daily tiredness was swept away by this simple and sincere "thank you", which was also the best praise to our team and the best feedback to us.

      The number of participants in this free clinic reached more than 3,000. After the free clinic, clinical director Lv Xingyu prepared relevant courseware and had academic exchanges with students in Tibetan schools. The free clinic made us understand the lack of reproductive health knowledge and the difficulties Tibetan compatriots confronted in seeking medical treatment. We hope that through this free clinic and exchange, we can not only improve Tibetan compatriots' understanding of infertility and common gynecological diseases, but also develop healthy living habits as much as possible, as well as pass health knowledge to the people around us, maximizing the value of the free clinic activity.

      "We share the ideals of the motherland". It is precisely with such social 20 responsibility that Jinxin Fertility has participated in public welfare undertakings for decades from the "double-intos" campaign (health into the community and health into the farmhouse) launched jointly with the provincial women's federation and the women's and children's working committee in Ganzi Prefecture 11 years ago to the large-scale public welfare campaign "releasing hope and breeding life" launched together with the provincial women's federation in Liangshan Prefecture 7 years ago.

      Whether it is free clinic in Tibetan areas, in communities, or cervical cancer or breast cancer lectures, or free medicine; we have always kept in mind Jinxin Fertility's mission of reproduction - to let more couples enjoy the happiness of being parents!

      In the future, Jinxin Fertility will continue to move forward with infinite gratitude for life and sincerely care for everyone who needs our help.


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